Goals & Outcome

1. Curriculum Assistance + Cognitive Development: We provide technical instruction, supplemental learning, and interactive training in Reading, Writing, Math, Science, and History.

Goal: To educate, train, improve and master core curriculum to achieve excellence in school and life



*Following a placement assessment, students will have supplemental classes tailored by the director, to allow students to excel in Reading, Writing, Math, Science, and History.  


- Outcome: Students will develop and demonstrate an effective understanding of core curriculum for their age and grade level

- Outcome: Students will develop pride in fundamental learning and gaining knowledge 

2. Multidisciplinary Skills: Introduction, Instruction, and Integration to life skills.

Goal: To teach and encourage students to properly use multidisciplinary skills to implement in the real world.


* By earning money (studio film money), earning money can be obtained in a multitude of ways. Examples showing up to the program, showing proof of finishing homework, participating during our class time, etc.

*from what it means to file taxes why do we need to file taxes. What are the different types of taxes from property, city, state, and federal taxes!

*learning the difference between local, state, and national law.

*learn how to fill out a resume, learn what a resume is.

* from cultivating their idea, writing ideas down, how to apply for an LLC, S- Corp, etc...

*Students will learn a multitude of how to fundraise to earn real-world monies to help start a possible business or to help the community, or others they may know personally. 

- Outcome: Students will know how to balance a checkbook

- Outcome: Students will know how to secure business attire along with tying a tie.

- Outcome: Students will be knowledgeable about debt, credit, and the importance of using finance to advance in life.

- Outcome: Students will know about taxes and how to file

- Outcome: Students will learn and practice laws in a way to understand their rights.

- Outcome: Students will be confident reading and filling out applications and resumes

- Outcome: Students will develop entrepreneurial skills and have the knowledge to start a business from scratch

3. Physical, Social, Emotional, and Mental Development: We want to ensure young men are caring for their whole selves and have the tools to deal with emotions, traumas, and general daily life struggles. 


Goal: To achieve wellness in all aspects of students’ personal lives



*Participating in team sports and other physical activities like skating, paintball, dance,  and self-defense/ martial arts.

*Learn the importance of health and wellness including exercise, nutrition, and autonomy

* Learn healthy coping methods

* Provide a safe space for expression


- Outcome: Students will know their value and importance in the world and their community

- Outcome: Students will achieve physical wellness or understand the tools they can use to become physically well

- Outcome: Students will become knowledgeable about their own strengths and weaknesses and how to achieve balance


Goal: To empower and develop confidence in young men; giving exposure to many career and life paths



  • Having mentorship and access to a brotherhood/ network of men in the area and nationally

  • Listen to guest speakers in a variety of fields in the area and nationally

  • Receive guidance from entrepreneurs, realtors, doctors, lawyers, tradesmen, and more

  • Students will have access to jobs and internships immediately or after finalizing high school

- Outcome: To secure a job or internship in their field of choice following high school